How To Sell On Instagram in 2023

Learning how to sell on Instagram is a huge opportunity for businesses to reach their target audience and drive more sales on the platform. According to the research of eMarketer, Instagram has 1.074 billion users worldwide, and more than 60% of profiles are business accounts. Most businesses dive deeper into Instagram to gain more customers across the globe. 

A recent report says that more than 80% of users make a purchase decision through Instagram based on their product promotion. If you are a small business and haven’t started selling products on Instagram, you may miss out on a huge opportunity. So it is the right time to learn practical tips and tricks to sell on Instagram. 

#1: Optimise Your Instagram Business Profile

Creating an attractive and eye catchy business profile is the first and foremost way to increase your brand reach and awareness on Instagram. Below are the three essential things that every business account on Instagram should include:

Profile Photo

Select a profile photo that is “On brand,” like your business or brand logo. Choosing a perfect Instagram profile is the most effective way to expand your business reach and make your audience identify you easily. 

Well Crafted Bio

A bio is important for selling products on Instagram. You should clearly describe your business that speaks to your potential audience and let them know what your business offers. 

The URL section of your Instagram bio is the only place you can add clickable links to your website or Instagram shop. The bio section of Instagram is the perfect place to attract new visitors and drive traffic from your stories and posts. Adding a unique URL in your bio will track millions of profile visitors to your website from Instagram. 

#2: Create Shoppable Stories

Instagram stories continue to explode in popularity, and are you thinking about how to create a shoppable story on Instagram? First, you need to post a story and click on the “Sticker” option. You’ll find the option to select the “Shopping” sticker to tag your product or services. Enter your product ID, search for the product name, and publish the story.  

Your Instagram story will have a product tag that your user can click on directly from your IG story. When sharing a product link on stories, ensure high-quality and clear images that provide great value to your customers. Be authentic while creating Instagram stories and let your business shine among a massive audience. 

#3: Partnership With Instagram Influencers

Influencer marketing is a huge part of social media marketing in today’s digital world. Many people don’t trust traditional advertising, but they believe the people. According to the research, customers trust influencer recommendations more than brand advertisements, so if you are a small business, partner with influencers to reach engaging audiences and improve your brand reach on Instagram. 

Although many brands seem like a risk in investing a large amount into influencer marketing, choosing a micro-influencer for your business will give a better ROI. Select the micro-influencer who are related to your industry or niche to drive potential traffic, sales, and customers to your target websites. 

#4: Use Instagram Ads To Reach Target Audience

Once you set up your Instagram business profile, decide how much you want to spend for ads on Instagram to increase your business exposure. Instagram offers a variety of advertising options, and you can select the best one for your brand and start promoting it to the right audience on the platform. 

Track the Instagram analytics to find your target audience and create promotional content that reaches your potential audience. Running an ad is an excellent way to drive sales and traffic to your target website through Instagram. 


Finding out what to sell on Instagram will take time to determine what works best for your business. Following the four actionable tips will make the process easier and improve your business worldwide. While selling products on Instagram seems risky at first but will improve your business growth and boost your following on Instagram. This article will help you to understand how to sell on Instagram effectively.